“I am unstoppable, I am determined, I create opportunities
and I make things happen” - Sabre

“I have a powerful vision and work every day to achieve it” - Sabre

“I know that my number 1 key to success
is through developing leaders” - Sabre

“My customers are my most powerful marketers
and my most valuable assets” - Sabre

“I have endless energy, a highly infectious positive attitude
and a mind full of ideas and solutions” - Sabre

“I value my time, invest it wisely,
plan my actions and am in control” - Sabre

“Daily focus and action towards clearly defined goals
result in epic success over time” - Sabre

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Ignite Your Business Workshop
Building and Growing a Successful Business.
6 Module Workshop Program.
January 2016 | Harare
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Free Resources
We have Free Resources available to guide you on your journey to success.
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Sabre Business World is a company that specialises in helping Businesses achieve Success by providing them with highly specialised Training, Coaching and Consulting services that primarily focus on Building Successful Businesses and Creating Motivated Leaders. We are at the cutting edge in this field and we have a strong desire to make a hugely positive impact on businesses.

Our Vision

To teach and inspire millions of people to be more successful in business and in life through increased knowledge, productivity, improved performance and self motivation and in the process have a huge impact on economies by providing World Class, High Impact, Practical and Valuable Products and Programs.

Our Team

The training team consists of Brendan and Sally Palmer, a proudly Zimbabwean, husband and wife team who are the founders of Sabre Business World. We are extremely passionate about teaching and inspiring people to be more successful and bring with us over 10 years of experience and knowledge in the Business field to add a powerful dimension to the training.